A conduit for success

“Christine amazes me with her ability to find the heart of a project, and give it a voice that the media can’t help but respond to. This is a talent very few people have. Christine is a conduit for success!” ~ Nancy C. Cleary, publisher

Achieves results that consistently outperform client expectations

“Christine is one of the sharpest public relations professionals I’ve ever worked with. She has an incredible capacity to identify opportunities and build on them to achieve results that consistently outperform client expectations. Her tenacity and dedication make her unstoppable, and her warmth and humor make her indispensable!” ~ Diane Johnson, Four Leaf Public Relations

The perfect balance of tenacity, enthusiasm and personality

“As a media pitcher Christine possesses the perfect balance of tenacity, enthusiasm and personality that clearly holds the key to the amazing placements she delivers. This core talent is complemented by solid social media expertise and a detailed attention to project management that helps ensure a strong return on your PR investment.” ~ J. Scott Punk, President, 1616 Consulting

Clever, curious, engaged and a lot of fun

“Christine is a very creative, flexible and innovative PR consultant! I enjoy working with her also because she is clever, curious, engaged and a lot of fun. I Iook forward to working with her again.” ~ Karin Kronborg, Marketing Manager, Bemz

A publicity powerhouse

“Christine is a publicity powerhouse! Her ingenuity, resourcefulness, and talent make her one of the best promoters I’ve seen. She’s an excellent writer who knows her market and works it.” ~ Jayne Ferrer, publicist

A talent to talk about

“After years of pitching freelancer writer Christine Hohlbaum, I finally got enough sense to ask her to write for my clients at Wasabi Publicity, Inc. I noticed her writing sparkled beyond belief. She has an ability to capture the essence of one’s message succinctly and she engages a reader instantly. If Christine chooses to find the time to grace you with her talents and skills, then you should pat yourself on the back. They definitely broke the mold with this writer. A talent to talk about.” ~ Michelle Tennant, Wasabi Publicity, Inc.